Recent Planning Applications

November 2018



18/04682/FUL  121 Old Street, two-storey rear extension, dormer windows and rooflights.


18/04872/LBC  The Clive, Bromfield, internal alterations.


18/05007/LBC & 18/05006/FUL  The Assembly Rooms, alterations to internal layout.


18/05087/FUL  Ludlow Brewing Co., Station Drive, erection of side extension (revised scheme).




October 2018


18/04336/FUL & 18/04337/LBC  Compasses Cottage, Upper Linney, two storey glazed extension.    


18/04385/FUL12, Upper Linney, installation of dormer window replacing roof-light, and additional conservation roof-light.


18/02413/REM, residential development at Foldgate Lane, approval of reserved matters.


18/04285/FUL & 18/04286/LBC, 48 Corve Street, internal works and ersection of single-storey glass extension to rear.


18/04639/TCA, 27 Julian Road, to coppice 2 hazel trees within Ludlow Conservation Area.  




September 2018


18/03817/LBC,  The Assembly Rooms, amendments to the consented scheme, including removal of balcony structure.


18/04074/LBC  MFG Legal Services, 9 Corve Street, proposed internal alterations.


18/04118/FUL  Charlton Arms Hotel, Ludford, erection of a wooden pergola canopy over existing balcony.


18/04055/FUL & 18/04056/LBC  Ludford Mill, Park Road, Ludford, erection of single-storey garage and workshop. 



 July 2018


18/03089/LBC  Victory House, Mill Street, replacement of 14 windows to west elevation.




June 2018


18/02334/ADV Boots, installation of non-illuminated projecting sign.


18/02465/LBC  Lloyds Bank, Broad Street, removal of 1 internal cashier screened counter position.


18/02413/REM  proposed residential development on land off Foldgate Lane.




May 2018


17/06004/FUL & 17/06005/LBC, Charlton Arms, enclosure of terrace.


18/00914/FUL St John's Church, Gravel Hill, solar panels.


18/01951/FUL  Bowling Green House, summerhouse.


18/02165/VAR  Old China Shop, Pepper Lane, amended wall and roof finishes.


18/02206/LBC  3 Quality Square, refurbishment and consolidation works.






18/01223/LBC 59 Broad Street (Fatface), remedial works and decoration of shop front, lighter colour.


18/00986/FUL  Ludlow Bowling Green and tennis club, replacements of lights.


18/01403/COU 135 Corve Street (Swift's), change of use from retail to financial and professional premises.


18/01204/FUL Spring Cottage, Steventon Road, erection of equestrian building, stables storage and garaging for horsebox.


18/00663/FUL 8 the Cliff Park, single-storey side extension to mobile home.


18/00795/LBC 39 Linney, upgrade of windows.






17/05563/LBC  St. Leonard's House,  replacement of modern windows with sash windows to match rest.


17/05573/FUL  16 Lower Mill Street, single storey extension.


17/05624/FUL  2 Linney Fields, extension and alteration of existing building.


17/05792/AMP  4 College Street, plan for garage, amended.


17/00520/LBC  8 King Street, internal alterations.


17/06155/FUL  Drawbridge House, domestic garden house and store.


17/05938/LBC  90 Corve Street, replacement of 3 sash windows and 2 doors to improve security and draught-proofing.


18/00282/FUL  15 Lower Mill Street, two-storey side extension.


18/00336/LBC  2 Lower Raven Lane, replacement front door, staircase and other internal alterations.


35 Broad Street, satellite dish at rear.






17/04294/LBC 16 Broad Street, internal alterations.


17/05014/AMP Pepper Lane, amendments to layout.


17/05186/FUL and 17/05187/LBC 10 Bullring, conversion of bank to shop.


17/05563/LBC St. Leonards House, Upper Linney, replacement of modern windows with traditional.


17/05573/FUL 16 Lower Mill Street, single storey extension.


17/05728/DIS 49 Broad Street (Oriel House), discharge of conditions.


17/05624/FUL 2 Linney Fields, extension.


17/05749/VAR Bringewood, Burway Lane, variations to elevations.




October 2017


17/04402/LBC 65 Old Street, internal renovation works, removal of internal walls and doors.


17/04478/FUL 34 Old Street, summerhouse.


17/03999/LBC Bull Hotel, 14 Bull Ring, remedial works.


17/04676/LBC 7 Brand Lane, removal of wall between toilet and courtyard to allow access to courtyard.


17/04661/AMP Pellow House, 109 Old Street, amendment to permission for 3 houses, addition of gate.




August/September 2017


17/03384/COU  13 High Street, change of use to licensed premises.


17/03379/FUL  Isaac Smart's, Quality Square, change of use to residential only.


17/03747/LBC  Oriel House, 49 Broad Street, external alterations.


17/03595/LBC  67 Broad Street, subdivision of existing flat into three flats and modification of shop.


17/03062/FUL  37 Mill Street, single-storey glass roof veranda.


17/03593/ADV  46 Bull Ring, installation of replacement signage consisting of internally illuminated sign and projecting sign.


17/03929/FUL  Glendower, 56 Julian Road, erection of single-storey rear extension.


17/ 04174/LBC Oriel House, 49 Broad Street, internal alterations.


17/04056/LBC and 17/04478/FUL 34 Old Street, extension of external store to form internally accessed WC/utility room and other internal alterations, replacement of shed with summerhouse.


17/04294/LBC  Bank House (Lloyds) 16 Broad Street, internal works and alterations




July 2017


17/02221/LBC, 13 Raven Lane, works to listed building, including external repairs


17/02699/FUL and 17/02700/LBC, 5 Brand Lane, division of house into 2 flats


17/02727/BC, 1 Bell Lane, blocking up external door, replacing window with French doors etc.


17/03026/LBC, 1-2 King Street, shop front to be painted


17/03016/LBC, 2 dwellings rear of 18 Bull Ring


17/03337/LBC, the Wheatsheaf, proposals for signage


17/03747/LBC 49, Broad Street (Oriel House) external alterations, stripping roughcast and replacing render




June 2017


17/01916/FUL The Rectory, 4 College Street


17/01917/LBC Erection of replacement garage within the curtilage of a listed building.


17/01963/FUL Spring Cottage, Steventon Road


Erection of entrance porch and first floor extension with balcony to rear and internal alterations.


17/01809/LBC Kennet House, Sheet Road


Proposed conversion of outbuilding and single storey extension to provide accommodation.


17/02221/LBC 13 Raven Lane


Works to include external repairs and internal re-decoration.




3rd May 2017


17/01179/FUL Mr Underhill's, Dinham, change of use from restaurant and dwelling house to solely dwelling house.


17/01039/ADV Tesco, Corve Street, erect 30 non-illuminated signs, and 2 non-illuminated signs replacing existing signs.


17/01327/FUL Ludlow Brewing Co., Station Drive, erection of lean-to extension to existing brewery building.


17/01759/FUL Meran, Linney, erection of single-storey extension to west elevation.


17/01781/LBC Oskas, 2 Castle Street, works to satisfy fire risk assessment.


17/011445/COU Walcote House, 17 Broad Street, change of use of two front rooms from commercial to residential use.


17/01763/FUL & 17/01764/ LBC Usher House, 30 Mill Street, erection of single-storey kitchen extension at rear.




5th April 2017


17/01056/FUL & 17/01057/LBC 18 Temeside, part change of use to cafe and erection of conservatory.


17/00701/ADV Stone House, Corve Street, 'stackboard' advertisement.


17/01168/ADV The Angel, Broad Street, change of use from office to restaurant.

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