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The Ludlow Civic Society thinks that actions speak louder than words and the Society has put this maxim into practice as follows:

Assisting with the restoration of the 15th Century court house – “The Tolsey” shown left. Drawing is by William Albert Green (

Providing ‘blue plaques’ on notable and historic buildings and features of the town.

Providing wrought iron gates for the Mill Street entrance to the Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Providing financial support to the Teme Weirs Trust for both the Horseshoe Weir and Casemill Weir, also to the Millenium Green Trust at Dinham Bridge.

On a more mundane level, the Society has directly financed the acquistion of new litter bins for the town centre.

The Ludlow Civic Society was active in supporting and sponsoring the opposition to an unwanted and much publicised development for 5 houses in Church Walk.

Substantial sums have been given to the founding fund of the Vision for St. Laurence project currently being launched.

A DVD has been produced on Conservation methods which has supported Conservation projects in UK and abroad.

The Ludlow Assembly Rooms now also benefits from a grant given by the Ludlow Civic Society.

Additional support has been given recently to the David Lloyd window in St. Laurence’s church, the Ludlow Boxing Club and many other projects.

A splendid and detailed history of the society has been written by one of the committee members which was published in the 50th Anniversary Heritage News 2004/5.