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The Financial Times writes: “Ludlow’s population is around 10,000 and they are far from apathetic. Few towns in England are this handsome and none of them, surely is more self-conscious about its looks. Yet it rates only a parish council, its judgements merely advisory in the most piffling details. Decisions are made either 28 miles away in Shrewsbury by the County Council, or 160 miles away in London (or sometimes 400 miles away in Brussels)”.

The Ludlow Civic Society does now have a major impact on decisions made affecting our town.

The Civic Society always needs new members to make a difference in how our town looks. We are actively looking at ways to increase membership and get a closer interface with Ludlow people and any other interested parties.

Members of the Civic Society have the benefit of being part of a dynamic team who care for the history and integrity of the important medieval town of Ludlow.

Each year the Society provides members with an interesting and varied programme of outings and lectures addressed by invited speakers.  Although these lectures are open to all, a small entry charge is made with a reduced rate for members.  Considerable effort is put into the organisation of the programme and these are publicised on this website.

Twice each year the Society publishes “Heritage News” which is a pithy, informative newsletter sent free to all members.

The Civic Society and publications and annual programme are produced on a voluntary basis.  The Society has no regular income apart from subscriptions and limited sponsorship.

We welcome anyone to join the Society and ask that you contact the society by Email or phone.

We will shortly be changing the method of payment of annual subscription to payment by banker’s standing order. This is to reduce the time our membership secretary and the whole committee needs to collect the annual subscriptions!

If you would like to contact the Membership Secretary, the address is:

Membership Secretary
Ludlow Civic Society
51 Julian Road
Ludlow SY8 1HD

The E-mail address is:

We now update our members by Email. To keep up to date with the information on the Civic Society such as lectures and developments in Ludlow, please contact us by Email to register your Email address.

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