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Ludlow Blue Plaque Challenge


1 (Q) What is a Conduit?
(A) A water supply point –in Church Street

2 (Q) What is the earliest Century referred to on the Blue Plaques?
(A) The 12th Century in Castle Square market place.

3 (Q) Who were the Langfords and where did they live?
(A) They were Mercers and lived at 7 Dinham.

4 (Q) Where did Richard Payne Knight live?
(A) Downton Castle near Bromfield

5 (Q) Where was Lucien Bonaparte a prisoner?
(A) At Dinham House next to the Castle.

6 (Q) Apart from the Castle, what is the oldest remaining building in Ludlow?
(A) The Chapel of St. Thomas in Dinham.

7 (Q) In which direction did Dinham Gate face?
(A) It faces towards Wigmore and Wales.

8 (Q) In which street was the old Grammar school?
(A) Mill Street.

9 (Q) How many medieval gateways were there in Ludlow?
(A) There were seven as shown on the plaque at The Broad Gate.

10 (Q) What rank did James Vashon obtain?
(A) He was an admiral. (Admiral of the White). He was born at 29 Broad Street.

11 (Q) Where was the Talbot Inn?
(A) 49 Broad Street.

12 (Q) When did Charles Wesley marry?
(A) 1749 (See 19 Broad Street.)

13 (Q) Which village did the Salway family come from?
(A) The Salways lived at Richards Castle. Their town house was 18 Broad Street.

14 (Q) A Carmelite Friary was situated here. What activity happens in the building now on this site?
(A) It is now the St. Leonards Printing Press.

15 (Q) Which Commercial Guild was the wealthiest in Ludlow in the middle ages?
(A) The Drapers, who were based in what is now King Street.

16 (Q) Which property in King Street had connections with New Zealand?
(A) Number 14/15.

17 (Q) What was the name of the Inn at 56 – 58 Broad Street?
(A) It was the Crown.

18 (Q) What is Pye Powder?
(A) From the French meaning “Dust on the feet”.

19 (Q) Where was the Griffin Inn?
(A) 22/23 The Bull Ring.

20 (Q) What is 11-12 Castle Street now known as?
(A) The Assembly Rooms.

21 (Q) Who was Caesar Hawkins?
(A) He lived at 9 Mill Street and was the Sergeant Surgeon to both George 11 and George 111.

22 (Q) Who were the two most famours and most royal residents of Ludlow Castle in the 15th Century?
(A) KING EDWARD V (Edward Prince of Wales became king when living at Ludlow Castle in 1483) and ARTHUR PRINCE OF WALES (lived in Ludlow Castle from 1493 and died there in 1502).

23 (Q) What happened to 2 Dinham in 1656?
(A) It was newly built after burning in the Civil War.

24 (Q) Where did the Aurora Coach leave from?
(A) The Angel in Broad Street.

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